• Child Saving

    Child Saving

    Bal Bachat Khata is a variant of savings account, designed especially for c

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  • Normal Saving

    Normal Saving

    Savings deposit accounts are meant for those individuals who have a habit o

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  • Super Saving

    Super Saving

    Super Savings Account is a premium saving account offering an attractive ra

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  • Nari Saving

    Nari Saving

    Nari saving account is a variant of savings account especially aimed for fe

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  • Karmachari Saving

    Karmachari Saving

    Kamachari Saving  This product is designed to enable the organization

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  • Call Account

    Call Account

    The call Account is a transactional interest bearing account where account

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  • Samman Nagarik Saving

    Samman Nagarik Saving

    Samman Nagarik Saving is a special savings deposit account scheme for the S

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  • Periodic Deposit

    Periodic Deposit

    A Period Deposit account is an interest bearing account, where a fixed amou

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  • Business Saving

    Business Saving

    Business Saving Account is a variant of savings account designed for small

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  • Foreign National Saving

    Foreign National Saving

    A variant of savings account, Foreign National Savings is a special savin

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  • Corporate Saving

    Corporate Saving

    Corporate Savings Account is an interest bearing deposit accounts especia

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  • Agriculture Loan

    Agriculture Loan

    IMECSL with great pleasure announces the introduction of Agriculture loan

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  • Education Loan

    Education Loan

    Your dream of pursuing higher education has become easier with our educat

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  • Housing Loan

    Housing Loan

    We all have a dream of owning a beautiful house and our Home loan product

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  • Auto Loan

    Auto Loan

    Our Auto loan with all its inclusive features is the ultimate solution fo

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  • Business Loan

    Business Loan

    With our Business Loan Product, we are committed to help your business grow

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  • Personal Loan

    Personal Loan

    Our Personal Loan is a multi-purpose loan product that helps our valued c

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  • SME Loan

    SME Loan

    We know that any small business needs a firm financial base, whether you ar

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  • Loan Against PD

    Loan Against PD

    Loan against Periodic Deposit is a loan facility provided against the ple

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  • Other Loan

    Other Loan

    Uploaded Soon..

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    A debit card is an electronic chip-based card for direct access of your acc

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  • Remittance


    Remittance service in Nepal is one of the most valued customer based serv

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  • SMS Banking

    SMS Banking

    SMS Banking is a technology-enabled service offering which allows our val

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  • E-Banking


    E-banking is an internet based electronic system that enables our members

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