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E-banking is an internet based electronic system that enables our members to conduct their financial transaction on the website operated by us.

 Understanding the need in today’s modern era of technology we are very pleased to provide the e-banking service to our valued members, which allow you to avail online banking transactions from any part of the world. With our e-banking system you can now have access and full control over your accounts 24 hours 7 days a week.

This facility is secure and comes to all absolutely free of charge. To avail the facility, you just have to subscribe by filling a simple subscription form at the customer service department of our office.
Following features are available with our E-banking Facility:

1. Information:
It shows the account summary of the account.

2. Statement:
User can view the account statemtent using particular date range with proper account number.

3. Message:
It is the facility from where user can view the forcasted messages and also able to send messages for any enquiries.

4. Setting:

It enables user to change the password.

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Currency Buying Selling
Cash Doc
US Dollar 110.84 111.4 112
Euro 124.12 124.75 125.99
British Pound 143.52 144.24 145.69
Australian Dollar 78.51 78.91 79.7
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