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Periodic Deposit

A Period Deposit account is an interest bearing account, where a fixed amount is held at fixed interest rate and is repayable (principal/interest) at a fixed future date as agreed at the time of placement of the Deposits.

This product is designed to allow general public who wish to earn higher interest rate by keeping their fund in fixed deposit.


  • Security.
  • Interest bearing account.
  • An investment alternative, which is safe and allows funds to be placed for a fixed period with interest rate guaranteed for that period.
  • Automatic Renewal/Disposal of principal & interest as per the instruction of the member.
  • An alternative to simply applying for loans, fixed deposits allow you to borrow from your own funds for a limited period, thus fulfilling your needs as well as keeping your savings secure.
Features :

Following Interest Rates are applicable as per the tenure of the deposits:

Tenure Interest Rate
Up to 3 Months 11 % Per Annum
6 Months 11 % Per Annum
1 Year 11.50 % Per Annum
2 Year 12.50 % Per Annum
3 Year 12.50 % Per Annum

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